We are channel partners for Kreato CRM.

Kreato CRM is an AI powered Sales Intelligence & Engagement Tools in-built Customer Relationship Management platform for Sales.

Most Favored Features

Engage with your customers via email directly from your CRM, with auto capturing engagement timelines and conversation metadata (email content).

With sales dialer that comes in-built with CRM, engage with your customers via calls directly from your CRM auto capturing engagement timelines and conversation metadata (call recordings & transcripts).

Intelligently rate the incoming leads and deals via profile & behavioral lead scoring techniques. Free up your sales team on any guesswork on spotting the prospective and winning deals.

With machine learning and pre-defined threshold measures, automate the monitoring of performance ideals on pipeline execution and instantly make sales reps vigilant on any violations.

Get insights on your pipeline success & progress factors with machine learning historical pipeline data. Drive successful customer engagements with gaining quality and quantitative analysis of past call and email conversations.

Reach customers on their active timeline and via their preferred mode of communications, through mashing up past conversation metadata and predictive analytics tools.