Online restaurant management Software

Manage and control the daily operations of your restaurant from anywhere at anytime with eZee’s cloud restaurant POS. Regardless of the type of eatery you own, eZee Optimus is the apt tool for you to regulate even the most minuscule activities without any interruptions.

Keeping a check on what you offer, at what time you offer and what rates you offer is a truly cumbersome task. The online restaurant POS system will let you create and manage seasonal as well as periodic menus at your eatery, helping you manage your complete menu with accuracy.

Assigning servers to a table and reaching at the right time to the customers to take their orders is the first step towards offering exceptional customer service. Online restaurant POS will administer the tables at your restaurant effortlessly, besides assigning servers by ensuring that your customers get timely services.

Billing operations of any business demand a lot of accuracy in tallying while mapping the cost of each ordered item along with the complimentary items and extra charges. The online restaurant POS system will align your tasks of billing and receipt generation through smooth navigation.

When you’re running a business, security is a must. The pre-defined user privileges in the online restaurant POS system will help you safeguard your important data in the system by limiting the access to selected members at your restaurant.

Examining your daily revenue and determining your most profitable entree among your menu items becomes a mandatory task for your business. Online restaurant management system will provide you with a variety of reports, letting you analyze your stats on sales, stock and inventory.

Online restaurant management system being integrated with Tally accounting software will completely automate your bookkeeping and vendor transactions, thus eliminating all kinds of manual errors and delays.